Hi Jeff…and everyone! Sorry I have been MIA. Right when we started this blog, I had some personal family issues crop up…of course…Murphy’s Law…but those seem to be calming down now. I’m super excited to hear about the read through and figure out how to make the script even stronger. This project is going to be fun!

Othello Read Through

We did a read through with the cast last night and it went great. There are some changes to the script I want to make. Nothing too major but more about making the characters a little more defined.

I’ll set up a meeting with Christina and we can discuss the ideas. We’ll keep you posted.

Thank you very much to the cast and crew from last night. It is our goal to showcase your awesome craft.

Othello Cinematography Test

This is a cinematography test featuring Sean O’Malley who will play the role of Iago.  We are going for a Film Noir look.  We are playing with light and dark.  This was shot on the Canon 5D Mark iii in high compression h.264.  I will not be using Magic Lantern RAW in order to save time, money, expense, and complexity.  The way I look at it, it’s like shooting on positive film.  Riskier in a way but has its benefits.  One of my favorite movies of all time, Pi, was shot in B/W positive.

In terms of lights, we used all LED lights:  Apurture, Fotodiox, F&V Ring Light, and a 160 Ebay light.  Our goal is to get this lit once and tweak only a little bit throughout the shoot.  The less we have to move the lights, the faster we can shoot.  I did a pre-setup on Thursday just to see what it sort of looked like.  On Saturday, with no lights set up, it took me about an hour to set up the table, lights, water, tripod, and camera.

When Sean is sitting by the desk, it might be a little too dark when facing the monitor.

Special thanks to:  Sean O’Malley, Noah Felipe, Larissa Nielsen, Mark Worsham, Christine Hancock, Christina Shaver, and the Hawaii Filmmaker’s Collective.

Hit me up if you have any questions.


Today’s Inspiration

I just read some more of Robert Rodriguez’ Rebel without a Crew.  At this point in the journey, he has serious buzz around him and nearly every studio in town wants to make a deal with him.  It is very exciting to think about.  It makes me wonder if we can generate that sort of buzz these days.

I will email the cast today and schedule the table read and rehearsal schedule.  Let’s do this!

Here is a vlog entry I posted yesterday.  Do you like my hair cut?