Thoughts on Deadlines

Christina and I had a great Skype call yesterday.  We chatted about the table read we did last week.  We agreed that the next call we do, we’ll record and post here, that way others can benefit from the process.  We feel it would be useful to some people to see how we hash out an idea.

Also, our deadline of being done with the movie by April 8, 2015 is not looking very realistic at this point.  The script is shaping up to be really great.  But of course, it is not perfect yet.  I want to be the best I know we can make it but at the same time, I don’t want to tweak it forever.  There comes a point where we have to move forward with it.  Though, I know there are some tweaks that must be made now in order to tell the story better.

A few thoughts are going through my head right now.  First, deadlines are useful and help us get stuff done.  Otherwise, things just get pushed off and pushed off.  I still think we need to push for a deadline.  Maybe we still push for the April 8, 2015 deadline.  And let’s see how close we come to it.

In terms of shooting, originally I thought we could rehearse like a play and shoot it in a weekend.  Now, I am thinking we do it more like every rehearsal is a dress rehearsal on location since the location will be in our studio.  We have all the equipment there already.  Plus, it will give both the cast and the crew the ability to test things out and get a feel for the actual shoot.  Though magic will pro

It will be shot on digital so the media is not cost prohibitive.  And it will give us the freedom to try different things.  This