Here’s Another Way to Conceive It

The following conception of the story is based on the Coffee Break Screenwriter book (p.33) by Pilar Alessandra:

1. Oscar’s brilliance triggers someone to steal his greatest scientific accomplishment.
2. The theft of the project triggers Oscar to call the police who can’t do anything about it.
3. The police’s inability to help triggers Oscar to figure out who did it and where it went.
4. Oscar’s investigation triggers hatred and jealousy when he finds out his girlfriend is sleeping with the competition.
5. Disgust for his girlfriend triggers Oscar to kill her.
6. Killing his girlfriend triggers a confidant to prove to Oscar that his girlfriend didn’t do it and was set-up by Ian.
7. Ian’s set-up triggers Oscar to hunt him down and kill him.
8. Killing Ian triggers Oscar to kill him with his technology and then kill himself.