Some Post-Dated Entries

This is from my daily writing journal.


Also, I suggested that if the stakes were heightened in the business that they are out of money and that it was a struggle to pay the bills it could be a way for Othello to take more action.  Some ways to illustrate the struggle:  laying off people at the beginning, they create a kickstarter, Cassio reports that the kickstarter failed, creditors are calling Emilia, Othello is dodging the calls or takes them and assures them that they will be paid back, Iago suggests big oil purchase them, people are sacrificing and living off their savings.  Othello and Cassio are living off their savings.  Iago weaseled his way to get some money.  Roderigo works there for free because Iago told him he could get closer to Desdemona this way.



Othello could get a bill in the mail for the electric bill.  A final notice printed in Red.  A pile of bills on his desk.  What else?  Othello works on selling the project but refuses to get big oil involved.  He is launching a kickstarter maybe it is a kickstarter that is about to fail.


They are just too far away from a final product.  Plus, the perks are not that great.  T-shirts and old cells.



What else can Othello do?  He could ask his family for money.  They could be tapped out.  He could ask friends but they are tapped out as well.  He could try a bank loan.  He could try microfinancing.  He could try crowdfunding.  He could try selling blood.  He could try selling his stuff on ebay.  He could try to cut costs.  He could lay people off.  He could recyle old chemicals and materials.  He could try to branch off in other businesses.



How do we make Othello more likeable?  I am reminded of the Pixar tweets, we admire someone for trying.  It’s like Frank Underwood in House of Cards Season 3 is starting to become likeable because he was no longer manipulating so much and murdering but instead was trying really hard.


How can Othello try more?  He would be working super hard.  He would never leave the office.  Desdemona has to drag him away.  He can refuse because he has to get stuff done.  Maybe in the office it’s not a big announcement but smaller.



From the Pixar story tweets, what is interesting to the audience?  For Pi, I liked the idea of Max trying to unlock the secrets of the stock market.  It would lead to riches.


A different voice over for Othello could be like Max from Pi.  It could journal entries on his frustrations and discoveries.  3:28am I am still at the lab.  Or at least what we call the lab.  We have tried the dichlorine hexabromide solution but to no avail.  I’m at an impasse.  What am I missing?  On top of it all, Ian and Michael are arguing again.  I know everyone is tired but we must press on or this project will die on the vine.



What is the theme of Othello?  The theme of Othello is jealousy and revenge.  There is also appearance versus reality.


How do we show this?  He actually gets pulled over for being brown.  He sees Desdemona doing her job then getting jealous.



I have been referring to the Pixar story tweets.  I think I will cycle through all of them.  Once upon a time there was a Filipino-American Scientist and Entrepreneur. Every day, he worked on creating affordable artificial photosynthesis to replace fossil fuels. One day his engineer, Iago, became jealous. Because of that, Iago set out to trick Othello and steal the technology for himself. Because of that, Othello became jealous of his best friend and fought with his girlfriend. Until finally he fires his best friend and murders his girlfriend.



Simplify. Focus. Combine characters. Hop over detours. You’ll feel like you’re losing valuable stuff but it sets you free.


This is interesting.  The first thing that comes to my mind is what if Ludovico and Brabantio were combined?  What would that look like?  Would that raise the stakes?  Would Desdemona still work at the bar?  Does Ludovico own the bar?  Maybe Ludovico buys the bar from Brabantio.  When Brabantio is chewing out Othello in the beginning.  Ludovico talks to them.  He asks Brabantio what his involvement is.  Brabantio tells him he is the investor and owns the bar downstairs.  Brabantio also says this chink is see his daughter behind his back.


Ludovico calms him down a little bit.  Then asks how much is in invested in Ingenhousz.  He tells him.  Ludovico asks how much return did you expect and if that would make him happy if he got it.  Brabantio tells him.  Then Ludovico offers that amount to him to buy out Brabantio.  Brabantio hesitates.  Ludovico explains, look our firm is in this for the long haul.  We’ll be able to ride the bumps.  You have the bar to take care.  What if I add 10%?  Ludovico sticks his hand out to shake on it.  Brabantio shakes his hand.  They strike the deal.  Does Ludovico buy the bar?  Maybe Brabantio makes an offhand remark like, “Wanna buy a bar?”  Ludovico, “I have always wanted my own bar.”  They strike up a conversation about that too.



What is your character good at, comfortable with? Throw the polar opposite at them. Challenge them. How do they deal?


What is Othello good at?  He is great at ideas.  He is great at technology.  He is great at inventing.  He is not great at finishing.  He is not great at relationships with people.  I am not sure but I think this is true.



Come up with your ending before you figure out your middle.  Seriously.  Endings are hard, get yours working up front.  I know the ending but is there a way to make it better?  I don’t know.  What are ways to make it better?  It could have more of a surprise.  Maybe we really think that Cassio is dead and that Iago is going to get away with it.


Then Cassio saves the day.  What else?  I thought of that already.  What are other ways to make it better?  Maybe Othello takes his time to kill himself.  It is long-ish and drawn out as he realizes everything that has happened. He killed his own love.  He is delirious from the sleep deprivation.  Finally he kills himself and sleeps.

Othello suffers from chronic sleep deprivation.