Re: Something to Think About and Re-Plotted Story – Broad Strokes

Aloha Christina,

You have piqued my interest with the flower shop.  My instinct says can you keep it in the bar?  I have great access to a bar.  Flower shops, yes, I probably can get one but my relationship with them is not nearly as good as the bar.

My overall goal of this project is to get it made, finished, and out there.  I would rather shoot our current script that is good versus working on something until we “perfect” it but it gets too big to be made.  It reminds me of the Patton quote:

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.  – George Patton

I believe finished movies are what people want to see.  Writing samples are great but not for directors, actors, editors, and cinematographers.  Plus, a finished movie is more powerful for a writer to have under their belt.  It meant someone believed enough in their work to invest time, money, and resources to make it into a movie.

I know you know all this and that you are making it the best you can possibly make it.  That is awesome and I sincerely appreciate it.  But at this moment I am feeling a little concerned that we may be heading down a path that will miss the overall objective of getting a movie made.  I’m not terrified but I am concerned enough to mention it here.  I just want to take this moment to make sure this project is headed in this direction.

With that said, I still don’t have any firm ideas on title yet.  I was thinking something related to photosynthesis, energy, and/or light.  But in thinking about it more maybe is should be related to jealousy, fear, suspicion, money etc.  I’m ok on naming it after it’s all done.  It might be something a character says at one point.  Or an idea they have.  Maybe we call it Stoma for now.  Stoma is a pore in a leaf as well as a natural or surgically created hole in a body that connects to the outside environment.

In terms of genre, yes, I think Sci-Fi Thriller would be right.  Maybe Psychological Thriller is more correct.  It just has science as a backdrop.  I don’t know if it is really science fiction.  The technology is real and working today.

Other movies that this is like… really I think this movie is Pi meets House of Cards.  Or maybe similar to The Social Network.  Or at least aspires to be Pi meets House of Cards.

Regarding the logline you came up with, perfect!

In the overview, who is the self-righteous partner?  Is that Ian?  And the chief scientist is Michael?  So Ian and Oscar are going after Bianca?  I’m not sure about the overview yet.