Reworking the Beats

When we last left off, Christina and I were re-working the beats.  We still are doing that.  Plus, we are preparing an application for the Sundance Institute/Asian American Feature Film Fellowship.  It would be a great honor to be selected for that.  More importantly, it would be a great resource.

Regardless of whether we get in or not it has served a purpose to help us with deadlines on getting our script in better shape.

Also, I thought of a new opening scene.  I will chat with Christina about it this afternoon but I thought it might be good to see Ian and possibly with the help of Rodney, steal the artificial leaf from the laboratory.  Ian would almost get caught by Oscar and would play it off.  The audience sees right away who the good guy is and the bad guys are.  Maybe it would be a mini-heist film at the beginning.