Next Beats

Hi Jeff!

I’ve been working on the next beats and ready to do a call on them when you are. Here’s where I am:


1) Oscar makes a presentation (already written)

2) Ian attempts to steal something (already written)

3) Interaction with Michael – When Oscar and Ian show up to the office, Michael’s at the scene of the crime, working with law enforcement to identify the security breach. We discussed this on one of our calls, but didn’t yet figure this out yet completely.

4) Oscar and Desdemona – We need to set-up their relationship at the start. Not sure what we want to say about it yet, but it does belong here. Considering Michael is in the beat before, we may want to include some sort of romantic tension here contrived by Ian.

5) Oscar finds out that Cyprus Petroleum has his technology, or a piece of it. Again, not exactly sure what we want to say here yet, but that’s where this element belongs. I’ve put in Block Two that Oscar confronts Luke at Cyprus. So in this rough draft, it would be that Oscar is passively receiving word that Cyprus has stolen some portion of Oscar’s technology. Maybe he hears it on the news? Or gets it by way of an email? In my mind, attaining the information is done by way of some sort of message that Oscar passively receives.


I’ve roughly sketched Block Two, but these are going to based upon the detail we come up with for Block One. The information here is only placeholders. The order can change, the beats themselves can change. This gives us a starting point on our discussion.


1) Oscar seeks to protect the “key” he holds.

2) Oscar suspects Desdemona (she looks guilty while also looking innocent)

3) Oscar suspects Michael (he looks guilty while also looking innocent)

4) Oscar confronts Luke at Cyprus to understand where Cyprus got the information.

5) Ian looks completely guilty РOscar sets his sights on  catching Ian



Just so we keep track of them:

1) We have a loose end with Oscar abruptly leaving the meeting with a potential investor. What comes of that meeting? What happens with the investor?

2) We have a safe that seems to have nothing inside it. What’s in there?



I kind of like the outlining then writing idea. Because both of us has written some iteration of this screenplay at least once already, I think it’s okay to outline and write the script as we go.