Re: Next Beats and Call

Hey Christina,

That sounds great.  I was shooting some tests of the first scene this weekend.  As I was working through the script and shots, I want to make a couple of changes.  Perhaps Oscar is pitching to Bruce/Brian in the bar downstairs.  Also, I was thinking about the security system.  Perhaps we can go with a more fictionalized form of security.  A system that Oscar designs himself.  Maybe like the home built computer in Pi.  I say this because he either has to have top notch, top of the line security or maybe his insane version.  Plus, I was trying to think of a different way to show the audience that it is Ian rather than putting the mask in the bag.

I was also thinking we move the Ian calling out to Oscar scene into the stairwell.  It has a more trapped feeling.

When are you available to do the call?  Thanks.