Sometimes having limits are a great creative device.  When you have a completely blank canvas or blank page, it can be overwhelming.  Or sometimes, having to fit within certain limitations forces you to get creative and find a more pleasing solution than you could have come up without the limits.

I know Christina is just exploring with the story in her recent post and I think that is awesome but I want to offer some suggestions.  Very strong suggestions.  My suggestions come from the standpoint of making the production something we can handle and actually execute.

  • Please keep the locations limited.  Fewer is better.  One location for the whole movie is the best.
    • Keep the location at our studio/laboratory/office
  • Please do not add new characters.  If anything, combine characters or eliminate characters.
  • No special effects.  No 3d monsters, explosions, guns, knives, blood, etc.  I know we have it now but I want to limit it as much as possible.
  • Use suspense where possible.  Suspense like when the audience knows something our hero doesn’t and we are on the edge of our seat yelling at the hero not to open that door.  That’s the best.

Following these limitations will allow us to make this movie ourselves.  Once we deviate from these limitations it will require more resources:  time, money, people, etc.  Then it makes it more difficult to make.

What are your thoughts on this?